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Tell us what you want in a website by preparing a list of all the information your business has to offer.

  1. Have a clear goal as to how the website is going to help your business.
    • Is it to increase revenue?
    • To advertise - letting people know who your are and what you do.
    • Are you introducing a new business?
    • Or did you just want to show off new pictures of your pet?
  2. Define how your company is unique.
    • Answer the question "Who are you?".
    • Let the customer know "Why they should buy from you?", "Why they should contact you?".
  3. Define a clear sense of what your company offers.
    • Provide information about your products and/or services, with links to appropriate pages.
  4. Know the type of website-design you want.
    • Professional
    • Fun
    • Elegant
    • Lots of Graphics
    • Clear straight lines
    • Personal